flamenco at the bear’s den!!

Dance and music come together in a fabulous rhythmical heartbeat in “Vida Flamenco” on Wednesday, April 20 at the Bear’s Den Lounge at 7:30 pm.

Plan to enjoy the fiery rhythms of flamenco dance and Spanish guitars, the sensuous movement, bright costumes and fast footsteps as you are taken on a journey through southern Spain. Ritmo Flamenco is Canada’s pre-eminent flamenco family and the directors have been pursuing this art form with authenticity and excellence since 1995. A talkback will be held after the performance so bring any questions you have!

The Bear’s Den Restaurant will be open so do come early if you’d like to eat out before the show — eating during the show is prohibited due to noise production. You may however take drinks to your seats! Due to the nature of the venue, masks are not mandatory but strongly recommended, thank you.

Tickets are available here!

Tickets are $25/adult and $10/student.

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