Durham county poets

DCP grew out of the lively music scene in Ormstown, Quebec and will be performing in the Garage Music Tour at 44A Main Street in Chalk River on Friday night, September 10 at 7 pm and at the Keys Conference Center, 6 Lakeside Drive, Deep River at 2 pm on Saturday afternoon.

Intrepid frontman Kevin Harvey, confined to a wheelchair since 1981, is the lead vocalist and with the help and support of his bandmates Neil Elsmore (guitars), David Whyte (lead guitar, saxophone), Carl Rufh (bass, trombone), and Rob Couture (drums, percussion) has managed to lead the group on countless tours throughout Canada and the US.

These musicians, four of whom are also songwriters, manage to work together individually and collaboratively in composing their music.  From folk, blues, jazz, rock, gospel, RnB, Motown and stuff in between, their music is a veritable musical stew.

The band will also include a horn section featuring Marc Leclerc and Patrice Luneau of the renowned Quebec blues band ‘The Fuel Junkies’ for this show.

Durham County Poets were nominated for a Juno in 2020 for Blues Album of the Year and for two 2020 Maple Blues Awards.

There’s something about the Durham County Poets that leaves you feeling that everything might be OK in the world after all. There’s a human spirit that lives in these people and their music is the medium that allows that spirit to roam free.  Bill Hurley, Extended Play Sessions

Tickets are not required; admission is pay-as-you-can at the door. 

This performance is sponsored by the Department of Canadian Heritage.


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