Deep River’s Theatre Operating Committee (THEOP) is optimistically planning some Special Events this summer!

THEOP has applied to the Department of Canadian Heritage for a grant to present a variety of special events including dance, visual art and music in the next few months.  This grant is meant to support the arts community that has been severely affected by Covid-19

If received (and we are Very Optimistic about that), the grant will allow us to offer free performances of two dance companies on July 25 – a Christmas present just a few months early! 

CORPUS is a theatre dance company from Toronto who presented Dusk Dances several years ago.  They will present their family-friendly and amusing “Camping Royale” piece followed by Christine Friday who is Anishinabbe kwe, performing “Maggie & Me”.  Friday is a dancer and choreographer.  These performances will be held outdoors with the audience invited to bring their own lawn chair and face mask (if still required at that time).  

A partnership between THEOP and the Library Arts Committee for a “Forest Installation” has been included in the grant application.  The Forest Installation will include several textile art pieces hung in the trees along the pathway to Lamure Beach.  The art would remain in place for several weeks – quite a challenge for the artist to consider all those outdoor hazards!

And there’s more!

On Friday evening, September 10, three musical groups will perform in three different outdoor venues in the area and then rotate to perform at a different venue on the Sunday afternoon, September 11.  The audience is again invited to bring their own lawn chair –to the same venue twice, to be a groupie and follow one artist (both shows) or dash between to catch all three!  All shows in this Garage Musical Tour will be accessible and family friendly with a Pay-As-You-Can donation jar at the front.

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